Why Do People Fail?

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I have failed at countless of things in my life but that has never discouraged me from

giving upon my goals. That’s the difference between people who fail in life and people

who succeed. The people who succeed have goals and they don’t give up until they

accomplish all of them. Most people start with a goal but when things get too difficult or

dreadful they give up. They stop making goals and go with the flow of life and this is

where failure begins. You fail the moment you stop trying. You can’t progress or get what

you want if you don’t have a clear target. It’s like driving in an unknown territory

without a map or a GPS.

Another reason why people fail is conformity. People often act like everyone else

without  knowing why and without knowing where they are going. If you’re hanging

with four trouble makers, you’ll soon be the fifth. When problems start to mount up,

you’ll want to point fingers at exterior things like other people or the economy instead of

pointing to the real culprit, the person in the mirror: you!

Like it or not, you are often the cause of all your problems. Few people who face

problems see them as challenges with possible solutions. Challenges begin to look like

opportunities when you begin to see them as learning experiences that can help shape

your future. Every challenge can teach you something to lead you to your goals. So if

you can, you should welcome them and find a way to solve them.

There’s always a solution!


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