Round Rung Team Grade Heavy Duty


  • (2) 15 Feet Durable Agility Ladders. Can Be Connected To Make (1) 30 Ft
  • Develop Rhythm, Speed and Agility, Made For Team Usage
  • ROUND RUNG (not flat rung) HD Construction For Team Use
  • Great For Out Door and In Door Usage. High Quality And No Stakes Needed
  • Helps Improve Acceleration, Change of Direction and Lateral Speed


Momentum is what speeds you forward when you run. Proper running technique in critical in optimizing speed. The NO CHEAT, round-rung SOPRTSPEED LADDER is designed to teach proper running technique. A flat rung ladder is great for foot placement and to practice foot techniques. However, the round rung ladder teaches not only this, but also promotes these same movements to be on the balls of your feet. When you run you do not run flat-footed, you lean forward and run on the balls of your feet. When using the round rung ladder, if you run flat-footed, the athlete will feel the rungs on their heals and the ladder will shift out of place. Therefore, you cannot CHEAT by running flat-footed.

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One of the ways used for improving speed and agility is ladder training. Basic agility rhythm movements are the top components with agility ladder development. Also, the agility ladder focuses on burst speed, the ability to turn rapidly, and the reaction on the speed of the lower legs. There are so many possible ways of using the Agility Ladder for these types of drills, but these two are most common.