Bowflex Revolution Home Gym


  • Has a manual that guides you on how to set up and use it efficiently.
  • Has a workout DVD that helps you learn what kinds of exercises you can do and also offers helpful fitness tips and complete routines.
  • ​The machine weight is 157ls (71kgs), and it is foldable hence doesn’t require a lot of space.


  • It provides a total body workout as it delivers an ultra-smooth and consistent resistance through an entire range of motion. It is designed to allow you to perform both cardio and muscle building exercises within a few minutes when compared to other equipment. You can easily and quickly set the interlocking plates from 10 pounds to 220 pounds for the upper body workout.


  • Bowflex Revolution uses the SpiraFlex Resistance Technology which eliminates the need of having heavy weight stacks. It works by using elastic straps that are connected the central pivot coil, and as you exercises, the straps tighten to emulate lifting of heavy weight stacks.

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  • For people who have bought this machine, it has offered them a lot of help as they do their workouts. They say that the best bit apart from performing a lot of exercises, is that they can adjust the arm to 10 positions so as to strengthen and tone various muscle groups in several ways. It is also perfect for overweight people as it can support up to 135kgs (300 lbs.). The disadvantage that is that it has a higher resistance than other gym equipment, but you don’t have to worry because with time you will get used to the resistance.