Hi my names Brima Koroma and I love to advocate about health and wellness. I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s very important to take very good care of your body and mind, so you can enjoy more of what life has to give you. I created this website to lead you to the best health and wellness products to get you started on your journey.

Who Am I and why PositiveBody

The two stories are hard to tell separately, so squeezing them in one breath seems more appropriate.

The story of PositiveBody is the story of my life. It’s a story of change and possibilities. I cannot find a way how to put it otherwise.

It starts with me dropping out of college and going after my dreams. After one year and a semester in college, I started seeing college more of a business then a location to teach you how to take control of your life and make an impact in the world. So I took matter in my own hands and left.

I started this website because I love being active and staying healthy, because that’s the key to a positive life. So I started an online business to advocate my passion for a healthy lifestyle and wanted to share the best products I think will help you reach all of your goals.



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